Backup All Of Your Data

If you really mess up, you could lose all of your contacts, photos and music. But this is easy to prevent by backing up beforehand.


If you use your computer to synchronise all of your content then all of these should already be stored on it.
In case you’ve bought something directly off your iDevice, just simply attach your iDevice to your computer, open up iTunes, and then click File>Transfer Purchases from “”.



Connect your iDevice to your computer.
Open up iPhoto.
Navigate to your device on iPhoto and click ‘import photos’
how to backup iphone on mac


Unlock your iDevice.
Connect your iDevice to your computer.
Open up my computer (Click the start menu>click my computer). Double click Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod under portable devices.
how to backup ipad ipod touch or iphone
Keep on double clicking all the folders that come up until you reach the end and there is a collection of images.

Select all of these images (select one image, then hold down Ctrl and press ‘a’) and right click and press copy.

Now minimise everything and right click on your desktop. Create a new folder.

Paste everything into this folder

Contacts And Everything Else

Go onto your iDevice, and open Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup. Then make sure iCloud Backup is ON and click Back Up Now.
iphone ipod ipadiphone ipad itouchitoch iphone ipad

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