How To Get Two Months Of HD Movies/TV Shows Online For Free

So you like watching films or TV shows, but after the fall of Megavideo, you’re sick of having to waste your time browsing the internet for a low quality video which bombards you with ads offering you horny Russian girls. How about if you could get two months of free HD movies/TV shows, and even more if you have multiple family members?
Both of these offers also have free iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps.

Signup For A Free Lovefilm Account

You can sign up here>

free hd tv and movies

Enjoy a month of free Movies/TV. Make sure you cancel your subscription before your free month ends so you don’t get charged for an extra month. If you decide you like Lovefilm, they will give you a free £15 Amazon gift card if you choose to become a paying member for £4.99 a month.

Signup For A Free Netflix Account

You can signup here

Netflix free TV

Make A Decision

You have four options at this point:

1) Call it a day and decide to not carry on with any of the two services.

2) Choose to start paying £4.99 a month for Lovefilm

3) Choose to start paying £5.99 a month for Netflix

4) If you have some more credit cards why not start another free trial on one of the services? Use someone else’s name (wife, brother, friend, pet...) or even make one up. if they don’t let you start another trial with the same address, set your address as ‘10 Downing Street, London’ (they give you special treatment if they think you’re the prime minister).

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