How To Revise- The Top 7 Revision Tips

From grapes to past papers, there are lots of neat revision tips that can guarantee that top grade. Here's 7 of my favourite Read More...

Mind Maps On The Mac- Mindnode Review

Mind maps are the holy grail of note taking. Not only do they include colour, pictures and precise detail, but they're organised in a way that helps the brain make connections essential for learning. Unfortunately, making coloured, detailed mind maps has always been a very difficult and lengthy process, however, an application for the Mac called Mindnode is set to change that! Read More...

How To Remember Stuff- Anki Review

Whether you're revising for a final, or trying to learn a new language, it's always difficult to learn a lot of new information. A program called Anki makes that process a lot more bearable. It takes the tried and tested method of using flashcards, and brings it to your desktop. You don't even have to spend hours making your own flashcards, Anki has a huge database in which people submit their own cards! Read More...

How To Check Your Heart Rate With Your iPhone

An app called 'Instant Heart Rate- Heart Rate Monitor By Azumino' uses changes in the colour of your index finger to determine your heart rate. You just place your finger on top of the camera, and the app detects your heart rate in about 10 seconds. Read More...

Trine 2 Review

Trine 2 is a 2D adventure game which offers a mixture of puzzle solving and combat. It feels like somebody has combined the beauty of the world in Avatar with the timelessness of Super Mario. Read on to see the magnificent trailer... Read More...

Pixelmator Review- A $30 Photoshop Replacement

Similiarly to how any new smartphone has to be compared to the iPhone, any new image editor has to battle it out against Photoshop. This sleek, dark new application called Pixelmator allows any novice to edit their pictures without the need of spending $700 on Photoshop. But how does it compare to Photoshop? Do you feel the cut throat price when using it?

How To Get Rid Of Duplicates On The Mac

If you’ve had your Mac for more than a couple of months, it’s likely that it’s filled with duplicates which are taking up precious disk space. Here’s how to get rid of them using an app called Gemini: The Duplicate Finder. Read More...

Got a Song Stuck In Your Head?

This website helps you get it out.

New Security Feature

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