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How To Revise- The Top 7 Revision Tips

From grapes to past papers, there are lots of neat revision tips that can guarantee that top grade. Here's 7 of my favourite Read More...

Mind Maps On The Mac- Mindnode Review

Mind maps are the holy grail of note taking. Not only do they include colour, pictures and precise detail, but they're organised in a way that helps the brain make connections essential for learning. Unfortunately, making coloured, detailed mind maps has always been a very difficult and lengthy process, however, an application for the Mac called Mindnode is set to change that! Read More...

How To Make Your Home Button Snappier

Has your home button lost its original lightning fast responsiveness? Here’s how to make it as responsive as it was when you first bought it. Read More...

New Security Feature

How about an iPhone that self destructs if stolen? Read More...

How To Make Websites Load Up To 10 Time Faster On Your iPhone/iPod/iPad

You’re in the middle of nowhere and you desperately need to go onto JailbreakZeit.com and your slow internet connection won’t let you. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to load the site up to 10 times quicker? Read on.

How To Increase Your iPhone's Battery Life

You use your iPhone for listening to music, watching films, browsing the internet and probably to watch some indecent stuff. Want 8 more hours? Here’s how you do it.
Although these tips are aimed at iPhones, most of them can be used for iPods and iPads. Read More...

How To Get Two Months Of HD Movies/TV Shows Online For Free

So you like watching films or TV shows, but after the fall of Megavideo, you’re sick of having to waste your time browsing the internet for a low quality video which bombards you with ads offering you horny Russian girls. How about if you could get two months of free HD movies/TV shows, and even more if you have multiple family members?
Both of these offers also have free iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad apps. Read More...

How To Make Your Own Electronic Music With An App, Your Fingers And 0 Talent

Only a few of us are born with musical talent, but luckily, God blessed most of us with fingers. Now you can use them to make your own music on your iPhone/iPod Touch. Have a look at this video to see the app in action. Read More...