Want To Wipe Out Humanity On Your iOS Device?- Pandemic 2.5 Review

Are you an angry individual? Do you wish there was a way to wipe out the whole of the world because the store assistant looked at you funny? Would you love to make sure every single human on the face of the earth died in misery and agony from a disease you made? Then this is the game for you!
Pandemic 2.5 is a real time strategy game which funnels all that built up anger inside of you, to create a disease which will be sure to wipe out humanity. You can choose whether it's bacterial, viral or parasitic and decide on what symptoms your victims will have when they catch it. Some of my favourites are: Conjunctivitis (pink eye), Atrophy and Delusional Parasitosis which makes your victims think that insects are crawling under their skin, and causes them to try and dig them out. You can even name the disease after yourself if you want to make the attack personal.
You can also set your difficulty, and you can sit back and monitor how your disease is spreading on the world map view.
pandemic 2.5 rts game


Pandemic 2.5 is a tremendously fun game, and has high replay value because of the different difficulties, and the endless varieties of diseases you can create. It costs £0.69/$1, but before you download it, I'd highly recommend playing the free online version below and seeing if it's your cup of tea. You can download it here. Oh and remember to read the instructions!
Here's a link to the free online version (link).

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Thank you to Dark Realm Studios for providing me with a free copy of the game to review!
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