The Top 5 Reasons Why Internet Censorship Is Stupid- And How To Get Around It

Internet censorship is becoming more and more common, with UK ISPs being forced to block The Pirate Bay; but why is it really such a stupid idea?

Reason 1- People Will Find a Way Around

To quote Jurassic Park: "Life will always find a way". It's incredibly easy to get around internet censorship, here are some methods:
- Web Proxy (FREE) such as Hide My Ass. These are easy to access (no downloading/knowledge needed) however they do not protect you when downloading things outside your browser.
-VPN (PAID) such as PureVPN and Hide My Ass. These are the best solution; they keep your identity hidden and make sure all of your connections go through them.
-If your ISP have blocked The Pirate Bay; here's an excellent article on how to easily get onto it (link).

Reason 2- Censorship Is Highly Subjective And Evil

how to get onto the piratebay if its blocked
One man's opinion is another man's blasphemy/treason/hate speech. Evil governments often censor things that they find offensive, or threatens their power, For example, the Syrian government censors Facebook, Youtube and Amazon; the UAE censors Israeli websites and in 2008, the Afghani government sentenced journalist Sayed Pervez Kambaksh to death for distributing a document defending women's rights. Handing out a death sentence for defending women's rights? Seriously? Most people with IQs in the double figures accept that both men and women are equal; and even if they don't, they accept that people should have the right to express this view. You only have to read George Orwell's iconic book: 'Nineteen Eighty-Four' for the idea of internet censorship to make you shiver. Here's a nice YouTube video from which I got these examples from (link).

Reason 3- Censoring Something Draws More Attention To It

This is know as the Streisand Effect. Real life examples of this include when Ryan Giggs, a devoted husband and Premiere League footballer tried to sue Twitter because a user posted a tweet which revealed that he'd been having an affair. He already has a super-injunction which stopped anyone from talking about the affair- or even acknowledging the existence of the super injunction. However, his attempt at suing Twitter made his affair common knowledge. Here's a graph by the Guardian that showed how his mentions on Twitter skyrocketed on the afternoon in which his legal team attempted to restrain mentions of his name on Twitter. He became the laughing stock of the country and his affair is now common knowledge. Wouldn't he have been better off just staying quiet?
why internet censorship is stupid

Reason 4- It Doesn't Address The Real Issue

People generally pirate music and movies because buying them is ridiculously expensive. Blockingwebsites such as The Pirate Bay is just like playing a huge online game of Whac-A-Mole, even if they hypothetically managed to block The Pirate Bay, alternatives would pop up. That's why people need real solutions, such as what Spotify is doing with music, and Netflix with movies.

Reason 5- Resentment

Governments and large corporate companies censoring things, creates a resentment towards them from the general public. People don't like being told what they can and can't do, especially when they think what they're doing is right. For example, when British courts ordered ISPs to block The Pirate Bay, it enjoyed 12 million extra visitors (link).


Censorship is oppressive, evil and makes people hate the government. Oh, and it doesn't work.
I'd love to hear your views on censorship. Leave them below in the comments! Also, make sure you share and bookmarks this page so you and your friends know how to get around internet censorship if it ever happens in the future (or it's already happening).

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