How To Remember Stuff- Anki Review

Whether you're revising for a final, or trying to learn a new language, it's always difficult to learn a lot of new information. A program called Anki makes that process a lot more bearable. It takes the tried and tested method of using flashcards, and brings it to your desktop. You don't even have to spend hours making your own flashcards, Anki has a huge database in which people submit their own cards!
I just opened the app up, and searched the vast database for some flashcards that had been made by someone else. I typed in 'medicine' and downloaded one.
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Within seconds, I was going through nearly 2000 flashcards someone else had created for the MBBS finals questions. I didn't have to waste any time making my own flashcards or pay a penny. Best of all, when you answer a question (in your head) you can select whether you knew the answer or not, and even how difficult you found it. Using your feedback, Anki will bring up questions you find more difficult, or couldn't answer up more often.
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My only criticism of Anki is that it's a bit slow and laggy, which you wouldn't expect for a lightweight application like this. But it's free and it's definitely worth a download. It's Windows and Mac compatible and can be downloaded here.
There's an iOS version available, but it's £17.49! If you're willing to pay that much, you can buy it here.

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