How To Create An Uncrackable Password Which You Can Easily Remember

So you want to create an uncrackable, easy to remember password? Here's how.

General Tips

Size Matters
Contrary to what your psychologist may have told you, size really does matter. For example, a password that just uses letters, which is two letters long has 676 possibilities, add just one more letter and it goes up to 17576 combinations. Make it 10 letters and you get a possible 141167095653376 combinations!
Never Write It Down
The moment you write your password down, anyone who finds the note can access your accounts.
Dictionary Words
Don't just use a plain dictionary word, and a number on the end. Hackers can easily use automated dictionary attacks to guess these.
Have a Few Different Passwords
Keep an easy to remember stock password for any website logins/accounts that you don't really care about. Keep a medium strength password for social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. For your email address and bank accounts, you need a super secure password.
Don't Make The Password Personal
Pet's name, your kid's name, your date of birth… they're all passwords that can easily be cracked by people who know you. Think about how many people know your first child's name, or your first pet's name. They could all guess your password if you use anything like that.
Security Questions
Having totally obvious questions and answers to these such as your mother's maiden name are way too easily guessed. They could compromise any secure password you make. Have your security questions as passwords as well!

Step 1- Mnemonics

Think of a phrase which you know, but isn't personally related to you. For example, when you try and close Excel without saving your spreadsheet, it pops up and says "Do you want to save the changes you made to "Workbook1?". You could use the first letters of each word in this phrase so your password would be Dywtstcymt"W"? or something similiar. Best of all, if you forget your password, you'll probably remember where you got the original phrase from and you can easily find it out. Don't use this particular example, but think of something similiar to it: something random, or silly if that helps. Using this method, you should be able to get a random sequence of letters, a mixture of capital and lower case letters and even a special character!

Step 2- Switch Some Letters Out

As Damien Oh advises on, make a set of rules with which you'll switch out some letters. For example, in my password Dywtstcymt"W"? I could replace all of the 's's with '$', and replace all 't's with the '2'. So my password would become Dyw2$2cymt"W"? You don't have to follow these rules exactly, you can make them more or less complicated, but they're a good guideline.

Test It!

Test it on The Password Meter Website here.

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