The Best Puzzle Game On The Mac/iPad

A small independent game developer called Amanita Design have released a mind-bogglingly beautiful point and click adventure game called Machinarium on the Mac and on the iPad.
It’ll cost you just £6.99 on the mac, and £2.99 on the iPad.
In Machinarium, you are placed in a beautiful fantasy world in which you solve puzzles to progress. If you liked Little Big Planet, you’ll love this. This game’s the most fun when you play with your friends or family because the puzzles do require some thinking, and a few brains are always better than one.
But this app really has to been seen to be believed:

best puzzle game on mac
Stunning Visuals Make This Game A Treat To Play. The game requires you to combine your logic and imagination to work out the beautifully crafted puzzles.

puzzle game review
If the puzzles get the better of you, there’s always a nice hint system which pushes you in the right direction, without spoiling the fun of the problem. Luckily there’s absolutely no reading involved, all hints are displayed as minimalistic diagrams which means you can lean back on your chair and let your imagination run wild.

The Free Version

You can play a free demo here to see if you like it.
You can buy it here for the Mac, and here for the iPad.
Unfortunately, this game gets a little bit too hard sometimes, so If you get stuck, there’s a good YouTube tutorial available here, but I’d urge you to spend at least 15 minutes on each problem before copping out and using the tutorial.

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Thank you to Amanita Design for sending me a free copy of their game to review

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