A Waterproof and Shockproof iPhone Case- Lifeproof iPhone Case Review

Wish your iPhone was bulletproof? Well that’s not possible without wrapping it in tons of sheets of Kevlar, but what about the next best thing. What about a Lifeproof iPhone case? One that could withstand everything that life throws at you: water, shocks, snow, dust, you name it. Look no further than the Lifeproof iPhone case.
lifeproof iphone case

Attention To Detail

The case’s packaging is nice and minimalistic, there are actually no installation instructions, instead, the wafer thin booklet instructs you to visit their site for a video tutorial on how to install the case. It also instructs you to do a 1 hour water test, in which you completely submerge it in water and then inspect it afterwards to see if any water has gotten through. Not only does this check the case for faults, but it gives you a peace of mind after opening up the case and finding the insides to be bone dry.
Unlike other cases which stop you from putting your non-Apple earphones into the headphone jack because of their bulk; the Lifeproof iPhone case comes with a little ‘headphone jack extension lead’ which means that you don’t have to worry about your earphones not fitting in.


The case is actually not that bulky, and the aesthetics don’t suffer much. Sure your iPhone doesn’t look like the ultra slim glass bar it once was, but it ends up resembling a tank. Forget about buying a scary dog, just slap this case on and watch people cower in fear as you walk past.


It’s a mixed bag in terms of the iPhone’s buttons and switches really; the home button and lock button perform just as well as before, the volume buttons are a little stiffer, and the silent switch is a lot stiffer than before. However, I commend them for this because I find the ordinary silent switch to be far too soft, and it always seems to switch off silent when it’s in my pocket, especially when using the Apple Bumper case.
The Lifeproof case’s screen cover is obviously a lot thicker than ordinary screen protectors because it needs to waterproof your iPhone, however because of this, the screen becomes significantly less responsive. At first, I found this very frustrating, particularly whilst typing. Though, after a few days I acclimatised to this and now it’s unnoticeable.
The volume of the speakers is slightly dampened by the case. The sound doesn’t come from the bottom of the iPhone as before, rather the whole back of the Lifeproof case turns into a huge sub woofer and gives your music a nice bass boost, but it’s still noticeable. But who uses their iPhone’s speakers for music anyway?


Taking my iPhone into the shower for the first time was one of the most liberating things I’ve ever done. It meant that I could listen to music, catch up with the news, check my emails and even watch YouTube videos. Both the music and YouTube videos were a little hard to hear when they were contesting with the noise of the shower, but I doubt that this was the case’s fault; rather it was the fault of Apple for putting such weak speakers in their iPhone. I’ve taken the case into the shower everyday for two weeks and needless to say, my iPhone’s stayed moisture less throughout.


Purposely dropping your iPhone in the Lifeproof case to see how protective it is, is just as stupid as crashing your car to test your new airbags- but I still did it. Dropped from heights of between 3ft-5ft on a hard concrete floor in which a garmentless iPhone would smash, posed no threat to the Lifeproof case. I didn’t dare drop it from any higher, although there are lots of testimonials of people who’ve been involved in car crashes and had their iPhones run over with tractors and still come out with perfectly functional iPhones which you can read here.


You can’t take the case on and off whenever you feel like it. For starters, it’s quite difficult, and secondly, Lifeproof warn you not to take the case on and off more than a few dozen times or else the waterproof seal may become redundant. This may not be a problem for you, but it’s something to bear in mind.
The price is a little steep for an iPhone case (£50/$80), although it’s understandable since they reportedly spent $2 million on research. In addition to this, it may just cost a fraction of what a replacement iPhone would cost if you get it wet or drop it. At the end of the day it’s your decision: would you rather pay £50/$80 upfront and never have to worry about repairs or replacing your iPhone, or would you rather save your money and risk having to pay a hefty repair/replacement bill?


Get this case and you’ll never look back. I can’t imagine using any other iPhone case after this, because no other case will let me take my iPhone into the shower, and be my usual clumsy self around it.
You can buy it from their online store here

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Thank you to Lifeproof for sending me the case to review!
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