How To Make Websites Load Up To 10 Time Faster On Your iPhone/iPod/iPad

You’re in the middle of nowhere and you desperately need to go onto JailbreakZeit.com and your slow internet connection won’t let you. Wouldn’t you just love to be able to load the site up to 10 times quicker? Read on.

Step 1 Download and install the opera mini app

You can download it for your iPhone/iPod Touch here, or for your iPad here. Open it up.

opera mini review
Click on the big ‘O’ in the bottom right

How to make internet faster on iphone 2
Click on Settings

How to make internet faster on iphone 3
Tap Image Quality

opera mini review
Click Image Quality and put it on Low

How to make internet faster on iphone 5
Turn Load Images off (Optional)

Step 2 Wait till you’re on a crappy connection

You probably won’t notice much of a difference on Wi-Fi. But the next time you’re on one of them crappy GPRS connections (the ones which have a blue circle at the top of your screen next to the carrier), or on a slow Wi-Fi service. Try using this.
The reason I said to turn Load Images off was because I assume you will carry on using Safari, unless you hit a crappy connection. With these settings enabled, you should have a blazing fast browsing experience.

How does it work?

When you load a page, Opera’s servers compress the page first (make it smaller) by up to 90%. They then send it to your device and you load a page that is up to 90% smaller. This means that you’re less likely to go over your data limit, and you will have a much faster browsing experience!

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