Turn Your iPhone Into a Vintage Camera- Gizmon ICA Militiary iPhone Case Review

The Gizmon ICA Military Case turns your iPhone into a wartime photographers secret second camera. It definitely looks the part, but is it worth the money?
camera iphone case review


There’s no denying that this is a beautiful case. When using it, people would turn heads in awe at the vintage, alluring aesthetics of it, It looks just as great as it does in the product pictures. The case also comes with a really cool pouch pictured below.
gizmon ica pouch picture


The case comes with a tripod mount which does wonders for image stabilisation if you pickup a cheap tripod from Amazon for under $20, so anyone who’d like to shoot some YouTube videos or maybe even experiment with time-lapse photography can do so.
With the introduction of iOS 5 it became possible to take pictures by just hitting the volume up button. The shutter button is tactically situated just above the volume up button on the iPhone so taking pictures is easier.
gizmon ica militiary edition review

You can choose to buy separate lenses which fit into the case, over the iPhone’s lens here for about $50.
What I didn’t like about the case was that the iPhone’s camera is on the bottom right of the case which is where I like to rest my middle, ring and little fingers when taking pictures. This meant that I had to have those three fingers in an awkward sticking out position when taking pictures. Also, if you’d like to frequently switch your silent switch on and off, you’ll have to take the top casing off (where the viewfinder is) which could be an issue. I keep my iPhone on silent all the time so having the silent switch completely covered was not a problem, but it’s something to bear in mind.
With the cool Leica style lens attached, the case is very bulky and it often gets caught on your pocket when sliding in. Luckily, they provide a slightly less cool alternative lens attachment which is much more slimmer, and the case is still bulky, but it’s not tremendously so.


I’ve seen some other reviews online complain about the case being made of plastic. The case is made from 32 pieces of polycarbonate and although at first when not on the iPhone it feels a slight bit ‘plasticy’, when the iPhone is put in, the case feels very sturdy. The polycarbonate exterior filled with the weight of the iPhone, results in a solid, high quality feel and just the right weight.


The Gizmon ICA Military iPhone Case is invaluable for anyone who wants to transform their iPhone into a true camera phone. The tripod mount, the lens mount and the shutter button will tremendously improve your iPhonography. You’ll also be the coolest kid on the block, and you’ll stand out from the crowd of people using their bland, black Apple Bumpers. At $65 the price is very steep though, if the case came with one lens, a tripod or a nice strap it would add a little more value for money. If you love the aesthetics as much as I do, or a particular feature of the case such as the tripod mount or physical shutter button seems attractive then buy it, you won’t regret it. It can be purchased from their store here, or from Amazon below.

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